Garbh Sanskar: May you give birth to a brave hearted child!

Verified by: Prof. Jayshree Upadhyay | Updated on: March 09, 2021

Not only Kashmir. Today Delhi, Mumbai, and Gujarat, terrorism are on the rise everywhere. Thousands of Shivaji are being required by the country. Every woman in India should be prepared to become a Jijabai. Observing the situation of the country today, it seems that to save the country again, many heroic legends like Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Rani Laxmibai, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose, Tatya Tope are needed.

But how is this possible?

What can a normal man or woman do in this situation?

There is a solution to this. Every couple, if every woman, resolves that I will give birth to a brave, fearless, and patriotic child who will bring the country out of all these crises and make India a world leader.

Today, our country has no shortage of devotees, saints, or Mahatmas. We have the intelligence, knowledge, generosity, and spirituality which other countries of the world do not have. The only thing now missing is the heroism, courage, and bravery that is needed to liberate the country from the monster of terrorism. Do not immerse yourself in fun, joy, or material happiness so that you forget to accumulate qualities like bravery, courage, and patriotism in your child.

Elders should now bless the woman to be the mother of a mighty, fearless, and brave child. Every woman should read the biographies of brave men for nine months before they are pregnant and meditate constantly. Photos of heroic men can be kept in the house.

King Dasharatha and Kaushaya vowed to give birth to Lord Shri Ram to destroy the demons, just as Jijabai resolved to end the Mughal rule and give birth to Shivaji. There are many such examples in our country today. If determined, what can a woman not do?

Now is the time to re-awaken this forgotten glory of valour. We must re-establish our dignity ... Only Garbh Sanskar can save the country from this great crisis.

Whenever you hear the word Garbhsanskar, it sounds like a tradition from a mythical age. But garbha sanskar is not a tantra, a mantra, or only a religious ritual. Many people believe that garbhsanskar is only about practicing yoga and diet. Many believe that reading a book or listening to pregnancy music is sufficient. Many still rely only on medicines and are conscious about diet during pregnancy. These all are myths about Garbh Sanskar.

What is Garbh Sanskar? 

"Garbh Sanskar is a mental and emotional diet of pregnant mothers during pregnancy." In other words, we can say that Garbhsanskar is a pregnant mother's a positive, joyful, and ritualistic lifestyle during her pregnancy.

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