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What Garbh Sanskar Guru App Offers

Transform your planning & pregnancy journey with Garbh Sanskar Guru App - designed to help you nurture a healthy, happy, and intelligent baby!

For pregnant

Daily 12 Personalized & customized activities for a stress-free pregnancy

Prenatal yoga classes (pregnancy yoga classes) every day until delivery

Weekly expert sessions/classes, 60+ hours of workshop recordings

1:1 counselling support (Call, WhatsApp), pregnancy tools, daily tips

For planner

Daily 7 Activities for Stress free planning

Couple yoga classes for pregnancy planners

1:1 Counselling (WhatsApp, Call), Goodies

Informative Book on garbhadhan sanskar

For planner

Prepared by 70+ subject experts

Experience the power of 70+ subject experts with the Garbh Sanskar Guru app! Our content is meticulously curated and approved by renowned domain experts, including
gynaecologists, Ayurveda practitioners, yoga gurus, psychologists, dietitians, Garbhsanskar experts, spiritual gurus, professors, and technocrats.

Join the thousands of mothers from 63+ countries who trust and recommend our app for a stress-free and holistic pregnancy planning experience.

Magic of Garbhsanskar: Who, When, and Why?

What is Garbhsanskar?

- Positive, joyful, stress-free and virtuous lifestyle of planning and pregnant couple.

For whom and when to do?

- For pregnant and planning couple

- Should be practiced on a daily basis from planning to delivery

- Can be started from any day of pregnancy


- Increases the chances for having happy, healthy, intelligent and sanskari baby

- To develop IQ, EQ, PQ and SQ of unborn child

Issues affecting during pregnancy & planning:

- Stress, anxiety, negativity, poor lifestyle

How Garbhsanskar guru app helps you?

- Proven and systematic app based course for planners and pregnant mothers

- Helps to reduce stress, anxiety, negativity

- Improves habit

- Readymade and authentic activities

Science and Vedic Wisdom: The Evidence Behind Garbhsanskar

- Child’s 80% brain develops in mother’s womb

- Babies start language learning from during pregnancy

- Babies learn to recognize words in mother’s womb

- Extensive stress can leads to preterm delivery

- Stress is the major cause for infertility



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Application available in four languages: हिंदी, ગુજરાતી , मराठी & English. Practice Garbhsanskar anytime, anywhere!